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White Dove Release has been involved in the raising and training of these special birds for many years.

White Dove Release is the oldest and most experienced dove release business in the Greater Seattle Area with over 2,583 documented releases.

Michael was featured on KING 5 TV Evening Magazine. Check out our In the News to see more. 


Our doves are the heart and soul of our business. We take great pride in the care and training we provide our birds on a daily basis. Each bird receives vaccinations and vitamins to prevent illness and disease. Their happiness and safety is our primary concern.


You can be assured that only clean, fit and well-trained birds are used for releases. We only release white homing doves from white racing pigeon stock. They are descendants of Rock Doves or Columba Livia.


After the birds are released they use their remarkable homing instinct which enables them to fly great distances and return home to their loft. 




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White Dove Release

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